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 Privacy policy

Totaljobs Group Ltd make every effort to comply with our obligations under the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Privacy policy update (7th June, 2011)

Company details

Contact and other details you supply about your company are stored by us and are used to provide you with the goods and services you have requested. They may also used to provide Totaljobs Group Ltd ’s users with a searchable directory for the purposes of looking for a job. The information supplied will not be used for any other purpose without your prior consent.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored by us on your computer which enable us to identify your computer when you access and to provide you with a convenient means of access. The cookies we use also protect the integrity of registered usernames and passwords and limit access to 'paid for' services. We also use cookies to collect aggregate statistical information about the use of our website (see Statistical information below).

There is no personally identifiable information held on cookies. An example of a cookie is below. 2020212848.29592612::413EA8A33A38AC8CCE09CC624E8B4758

You have the option to decline or accept these cookies, but if you decline you will not be able to access the personalised areas of the website.

We strongly recommend you accept cookies.

     Decline cookies

In addition, the third party companies who sell and provide advertisements to the website, and host our contacts database, make use of cookies for the purpose of serving and targeting advertisements more effectively. For more information about these cookies, how you can opt out of receiving them and how this will affect your use of websites in general, please visit the websites of our third party suppliers:

Adtech, Atlas, Emediate, Optimost, Webtrends, Eloqua, Criteo, Google and Epsilon

Statistical Information

We provide aggregate statistical information about site visitors and users to recruiters (such as the number of CVs on the database, or the number of visitors to the site) and for other lawful purposes. We provide this information to customers, advertisers, suppliers and other reputable third parties. This will not include any information that enables them to identify individuals.


The site is protected against unauthorised access using the latest security devices and 'firewalls'.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Totaljobs Group Limited collects and retains contact information regarding relevant individuals who may be employees of or are otherwise directly connected with businesses who express an interest in or who use our services from time to time.

As well as using this contact information to administer the services we provide to your business we will provide relevant individuals with information about our recruitment related products and services and those of our partner organisations while we continue to provide your business with services and for up to 24 months afterwards.

To improve our services we may record information about the pages and features individual users of our websites visit and use and, where we hold contact information, we may contact you by email or telephone to discuss ways in which we can enhance your use of the website. If you do not want to receive such contact please follow this link.

Some of Totaljobs Group Limited’s suppliers who process personal data and other information for the purpose of our operations are located outside the European Economic Areas. We do not provide customer information to third parties for use for marketing purposes without your permission.


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